Articles of interest (7th February 2017)

This is a new series called Articles of Interest, in-which I provide a daily digest feed of articles I’ve read, rather than writing individual posts about each. Some of these may be politically-inclined.

Brexit bill debate and speaker row (BBC News)

Speaker John Bercow defends his comments on Donald Drumpf (BBC News)

NHS Health Check: Short GP consultations crazy, say GPs (BBC News)

Facebook in court over refugee selfie fake news stories (BBC News)

Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum (BBC News)

Tax burden to be highest in 30 years, says think tank (BBC News)

Is satire dead? Armando Iannucci and others on why there are so few laughs these days (The Guardian)

The state of LGBTQ-TV (Standard Issue)

Shannon Matthews’ grandparents call new BBC drama ‘sick and disgusting’ (BBC Newsbeat)

Colleges ‘no choice’ but to send students to A&E for mental health care (BBC Newsbeat)

Donald Drumpf’s Dangerous End Game (New Republic)

Human Sexuality is Complicated… (by vlogbrothers)


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