Season premiere comes to North American cinemas

North American feature film distributor Fathom Events have announced that the season premiere episode is to be screened in cinemas, which is produced by BBC Cymru Wales. The screening will be an encore shown on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th April following the television premiere on Saturday 15th on BBC One and BBC America. The running time is 100 minutes, but will include bonus content. Assuming that the episode is the current average duration of 50 minutes, this would make the bonus content also 50 minutes. Tickets go on sale this Friday 10th March.

A recent article from Fansided via Culturess has analysed a pile of books in this trailer, which speculates that said premiere episode in question could be “The Pilot“, given Showrunner Steven Moffat’s intention for this season to feel like the beginning of a brand new series. An image posted by Gallifrey Costumes suggests that the title is in fact A Star in Her Eye.


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