Doctor Who Magazine #510 pays tribute to John Hurt

Doctor Who Magazine have revealed that their next issue, released Thursday, will be a tribute to John Hurt.

Hurt died in January, following a career of numerous roles.

Issue #510 will focus on Hurt’s performances as the War Doctor.

Hurt appeared on television in The Name of the Doctor (Steven Moffat), The Night of the Doctor (Steven Moffat) and The Day of the Doctor (Steven Moffat) and in audio in Only the Monstrous (Nicholas Briggs): The InnocentThe Thousand Worlds and The Heart of the BattleInfernal DevicesLegion of the Lost (John Dorney), A Thing of Guile (Phil Mulryne) and The Neverwhen (Matt Fitton); Agents of ChaosThe Shadow Vortex (David Llewellyn), The Eternity Cage (Andrew Smith) and Eye of Harmony (Ken Bentley); and Casualties of War: Pretty Lies (Guy Adams), The Lady of Obsidian (Andrew Smith) and The Enigma Dimension (Nicholas Briggs).

The obituary is written by Renaissance fan Nicholas Pegg, with contributions from Tenth Doctor David Tennant, Showrunner and character creator Steven Moffat, Unbound Doctor David Warner and Leela actor Louise Jameson.

Doctor Who Magazine #510 is released on Thursday.

The cover photograph was taken by Andy Gotts.


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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Magazine #510 pays tribute to John Hurt”

  1. Looking forward to reading this. Saw Nicholas Pegg speak at Gally last month, he’s just the nicest guy. I’m sure it’s an amazing tribute. I saw Hurt speak at Gally last year, too… so glad I was there for that.

    Liked by 1 person

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