In Doctor Who Magazine 210…

Dramatic FX #1: The Invisible Enemy by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

Comic strip: Doorway to Hell Part Three by Mark Wright

Time Team: Day of the Moon by Steven Moffat


  • The Diary of River Song Volume 2 (audio drama)
    • The Unknown by Guy Adams
    • Five Twenty-Nine by John Dorney
    • World Enough and Time by James Goss
    • The Eye of the Storm by Matt Fitton
  • The Star Men by Andrew Smith (audio drama)
  • The Beast of Kravenos by Justin Richards (audio drama)
  • Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock by Terrance Dicks (audio book)
  • Tales From the TARDIS Volume Two (audio book)
    • Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks
    • Warriors of the Deep by Terrance Dicks
    • Vengeance on Varos by Philip Martin
    • The Novel of the Film by Gary Russell
    • Bounty by Peter Anghelides
    • Dead Time by Andrew Miller
    • The People’s Temple by Paul Leonard

Competition prizes:

  • The Silent Scream by James Goss (audio drama)
  • Four to Doomsday by Terrance Dicks (audio book)

Coming soon:

  • Jago & Litefoot: Series Thirteen (audio drama)
    • The Stuff of Nightmares by Paul Morris
    • Chapel of Night by Jonathan Barnes
    • How the Other Half Lives by Matthew Sweet
    • Too Much Reality by Justin Richards
  • The Jago & Litefoot Revival (audio book):
    • The Jago & Litefoot Revival: Act One by Jonathan Barnes
    • The Jago & Litefoot Revival: Act Two by Jonathan Barnes
  • The Helm of Awe by Marc Platt (audio drama)
  • Dethras by Adrian Poynton (audio drama)
  • Alien Heart/Dark Soul (audio drama)
    • Alien Heart by Stephen Cole
    • Dark Soul by Guy Adams
  • The Mind of Evil by Terrance Dicks (audio book)
  • Torchwood: The Dollhouse by Juno Dawson (audio drama)

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1 thought on “In Doctor Who Magazine 210…”

  1. That’s “Burk”, he’s an old friend of mine from the Dr Who Usenet community of the early/mid 1990s. A preview from the forthcoming autobiography of Sydney Newman, which he helped compile.

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