“Still another new writer, the Purple Prose Mage (Alex Sigsworth), brought his passion to the fore with an articulate presentation of Driver from the PS1.”

The Well-Red Mage

So much time, so little to do… Scratch that. Reverse it.

I feel like I’m busier than ever working away at this labor of love yet the mounting pressure of deadlines hasn’t completely passed me over. As we step into October and Autumn, that lovely time of year, we here at The Well-Red Mage have had the opportunity to reach out to publishers and developers in order to begin reviewing upcoming and new releases. It’s certainly been an exciting crunch time! That’s why I’ve called the retrospective theme of September “Press Pass”.

So what are we sitting around lollygagging for? There are places to go, people to see!

1Ve3maF As always, it was a joy and a pleasure to work with our team of contributors. Four of them had their debut this month, the Iron Mage (on YouTube as Iron Mage) spearheading with his insight on proto-RPG Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest

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