Writing as if I’m trying to get fired

via “Winners of the 2017 Mage Academy Awards!” —

Yesterday, I shared the story of how I inspired the 1st Annual Mage Academy Awards. The winners have now been announced (I won’t spoil them here). Each awards category was open for voluntary presentation. It turns out that I’m the only one who volunteered, but I decided to only choose one category in case that changed. For no particular reason, I thought it would be funny if I wrote as if I were trying to get sacked. In hindsight, the context of what I was writing justified that attitude anyway, so deadpan dislike of the reader might not translate very well. But that’s okay. I meant it.

Published by Alexander Sigsworth

Writing about Herobrine in The Characters That Define Us at Normal Happenings. Profile photo chosen for Gamers Blog Party: Summer 2019 at Later Levels. Known as the Purple Prose Mage at the Well-Red Mage.

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