“Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep” round 1: Charles Jericho in “Parking Panic”

The official schedule of the first round of Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep!

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I’m not going to explain what this is about, if you want more context, read the original post.


The wanted criminal Charles Jericho was in a race to the final spot in a parking lot on the fifth level.


For some reason, an old man was walking down the centre of the IN lane very slowly. Normally he’d run them down, but wanting to maintain his cover, he decided to offer the man a drive to where he was going – the fifth floor. He looked like Mohandas Ghandi.


Whizzing around the 2nd floor through the air was what appeared to be an amorphous pink ball of living matter. Normally, he’d shoot this down like a clay pigeon, but wanting to maintain his cover, he decided he talk to it. He got out of the car and walked up to whatever it was. It squeaked out something barely coherent that sounded like the word “Hi”. Having no time to understand anything, he made a shooing gesture, and it flew out of his path.


Jericho pulled a handbrake turn around a corner, only to see a great fire-breathing dragon. The dragon breathed a great ball of fire toward his approaching car. Not wanting to risk his car being blown up, Jericho quickly reversed and retreated back to LEVEL 2 in order to consider what to do.


But surely the presence of a real, actual fire-breathing dragon meant that maintaining his cover no longer mattered? And then, he saw what the living pink ball of kinetic energy was doing here – fighting a penguin wearing a jumper and Christmas robes and wielding a hammer with a barrel as it head. None of this made any sense, but as he watched it be defeated, it became apparent that the pink thing possessed many useful combat skills. He whistled and made a welcoming gesture, and it flew over to him. He opened a rear passenger door, and it flew inside. He slowly drove back toward LEVEL 3 with a plan.


The dragon was still there, sat atop many squashed cars. Jericho stopped before the end of the row, and opened the old man’s passenger door. The man who looked like Ghandi nodded to him with appreciation, and then got out of the car and began to walk forwards. Jericho, meanwhile, had coaxed the pink thing onto his palm. It was like a rubber ball. He opened his sawed-off shotgun and stuffed it inside one of the barrels. Its amorphousness allowed it to squeeze in perfectly. He got out of the car, hid behind the row of parked cars and stealthed his way to the edge of the row. Then, the sound of a small, diesel engine suddenly began to echo around the lot from far away. Time was getting short. The old man walked out in front of the dragon – the time to strike was now! The dragon breathed a wave of fire, and Jericho barrel-rolled out from behind the row of parked cars to behind the old man. As the old man was turned to black ash, Jericho leapt-up and fired his sawed-off shotgun, sending the pink thing dive-bombing toward the dragon. He didn’t know exactly what it would do, but it had displayed so many amazing abilities while battling the evil Father Christmas penguin that it would surely be capable enough. And if it wasn’t? Then he was used to taking potentially suicidal actions. The dragon blew another wave of fire at the pink thing, which sucked it into itself, then enlarged in size and blew out a blast of ice. If there’s one thing that Jericho had learnt from experience, it’s to use your opponents against each other. With these two opposing elementals holding each other at bay, Jericho navigated the other way around the level and proceeded to…


The kart was clearly approaching him now, and in his rear view mirror, he saw his opponent: the monkey. He was riding a go kart. And then, Jericho drove through an Item Box and was given a banana skin. He dropped the banana skin behind him, which the monkey immediately drove over and spun out. Jericho got to the final parking space first and claimed his victory.

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  1. Reblogged this on Adventure Rules and commented:
    The final match of round one is in full swing, and today I’m sharing the post submitted by Alex arguing for his chosen villain, Charles Jericho. Check it out if you missed it and be sure to come back Friday, August 24th, to find out the final semifinalist for the Blogger Blitz!

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  2. Oh man, love the song reference – that song plays in my head all the time when writing Blogger Blitz articles! I also like the structure of your post, jumping between the different levels. Good luck in the competition!

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