Sunshine Blogger Award, Part 1.

via Sunshine Blogger Award, Part 1.

pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. So has Robert Ian Shepard from Adventure Rules, along with the Brotherhood of the World Award. So that’s the next three blog posts sorted.

I first became involved with pix1001 when submitting Batman from the Batman: Arkham series for the Video Game World Cup Blogger’s Eleven (it’s unbelievable, Jeff!). She’s given me some questions to answer, followed by my own nominees for it (if I know enough).

Who is your favourite video game character and why?
Trevor Philips. He’s a very complex character combining outrageous humour with truthful social commentary and an emotional core.

Would you rather hang back and cast spells or charge in with a sword?
Definitely hang back and cast spells. In a physical confrontation, I’m less than useless.

What is your favourite piece of video game music?

Is there anything worse than Spring Mario? If yes, then what?
I had to Google what Spring Mario is, so I guess not.

What’s your favourite type of video game (e.g. RPG, FPS, Driving etc.)? Be as specific or non-specific as you like.
I’m all about driving games. Not “racing” games, since they’re not all about racing specifically. But anyone who knows me will be able to answer this question. I’ve probably played more driving games than anyone else. I’m glad pix1001 picked up on that distinction in the question.

Playing as the healer. Yes or no?
It’s an important role, and I’m a team player.

If you could have a video game animal as a pet in real life, who would you pick?
Any Nintendog.

What is your go-to party game (include non-video game games if you wish)?
Buzz! The Big Quiz

Do you have a (possibly irrational) preference for any of the commonly used ‘elements’ in video games (by elements I mean things like Fire and Ice)?
Yeah, for some reason. I think it’s because it’s a simple way to define a power set without much explanation being needed.

What character would you love to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that will never ever be in it?

Green or purple?

The questions for my nominees:
01. How do you hope you’ll change as a gamer in future?
02. What game kept you up at night?
03. Which solution to a video game level are you most proud of having devised?
04. Have you ever pirated a game?
05. Have you ever lied about playing a game in order to impress someone?
06. What game do you regret not playing?
07. How does gaming give your life meaning?
08. In what way do you think other gamers would be most critical of you?
09. Have you ever regretted investing so much time in a particular game?
10. Has any game ever made you feel anxious?
11. Which genre of game do you wish you were better at playing?

My nominees are some of my newer Twitter followers:
01. Mr Backlog, the Badly Backlogged Mage at Mr Backlog
02. Hundstrasse at Hundstrasse
03. Khinjarsi at Upon Completion
04. Ryan Cheddi the Hyperactive Coffee Mage at Games With Coffee

05. Skyler-Mei at gamergal.exe
06. hungrygoriya at Hungry Goriya
07. geeksrr at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat
08. Matthew // Normal Happenings at Normal Happenings
09. Overthinker Y at Overthinker Y Blog
10. CheapBossAttack at CheapBossAttack
11. Pico the Rainbow Mage at Grimoire of Rainbow Mage

Remember to link back here and ask your nominees their own questions!

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