“Dance Dance Revolution” film in development

Dance Dance Revolution film is in development, according to Variety. The announcement was made Tuesday by Greg Silverman’s Stampede studio. Cara Fano, who worked for Silverman at WarnerMedia since he established Stampede, has been recently appointed as the studio’s Director of Development. Silverman and Fano are now working with Head of Film Lisa Zambri on acquiring intellectual properties to adapt. The Dance Dance Revolution project is being developed with Branded Entertainment’s producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum with property owners Konami. Silverman told Variety that Fano:

has razor-sharp instincts when it comes to story and characters and is helping us identify the next generation of genre writers who can build franchises

The story of Dance Dance Revolution reportedly tells of a collapsing world which must unite through the language of dance.

Timeline of Dance Dance Revolution:
Dance Dance Revolution (2013)
Dance Dance Revolution A (2016)

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