If you’re new to “The Games That Define Us,” the adventure map is the perfect place to start. Video games exist as fragments on the timeline of our lives, and each one of us have chosen the adventure we feel most defines us.

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In July, Matthew // Normal Happenings at Normal Happenings began taking applications for his second collaboration event: The Games That Define Us. The project was intended to be a daily series running through November of multiple authors writing about a video game that’s been important in their life. I’m pleased that the initial opening was more successful than expected, and there are over 30 authors taking part in the event. Tomorrow, the series begins, with the lineup of featured games being arranged in North American release order. After 30th November, the series will release its “DLC”s from the remaining applicants in December. Through that month, I’ll be sharing each post in order to promote its author, including my own contribution. I applied to write about Warcraft III, and have therefore been scheduled as part of a weekend of other authors’ posts about the Warcraft games:

Full release schedule:

Finally, some information my own posts in relation to all of this. My posts are scheduled to be posted every week day but The Games That Define Us takes place every day. For purposes of consistency, I won’t be changing my own release schedule, instead accepting that I’ll be further behind after every week. Personally, I don’t consider this a problem because it means I manage to maintain a backlog of posts. Also, I will as usual be taking my annual December hiatus. It’s something I do every year just to give myself a break from blogging. My hiatus ends on the first Monday of January; in 2019, that’s the 5th, and that’s when my shares of The Games That Define Us will resume. This means that, while the event will conclude on 4th December, it will continue to be posted here until 23rd January – that’s one day more than it would be were I not reserving 11th November for a special post about a project I’m developing for the Armistice Day centenary. Any more posts written between now and then won’t be published until after that time, effectively giving me almost three months in which to prepare more content. Theoretically, this could be the biggest boost I’ve ever had, after which I’ll never fall behind, maybe. Anyway. I wanted to write this post the day before the event begins just to provide clarity on exactly what’s happening over the next few months here, and also to promote the event, since it’s worth reading if you’re a gamer.

Fully speeding ahead,

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