The 3rd round of 2019’s World Rally Championship was hosted by Mexico from 7th – 10th March. The winning drivers were favourites S. Ogier and J. Ingrassia. This stage of the 2019 WRC was the first to be driven on gravel. The opening ceremony was held at Guanajuato, where the rally was based. (Special Stage 1 at Street Stage GTO was cancelled due to safety reasons. The rally therefore started with Special Stage 2 at El Chocolate 1.)

S. Ogier and J. Ingrssia’s winning stages:
Special Stage 3 (Ortega 1), 9:29.00: “It’s been a very difficult first stage, very slippery, and I really struggled to find any confidence with the car, but in this one the grip was better and it was a bit more enjoyable” – S. Ogier. This was the 65th stage win of his rally career.
Special Stage 5 (El Chocolat 2), 23:35.00: “The grip in this stage was a bit better than this morning and my feeling in the car was better” – S. Ogier.
Special Stage 6 (Ortega 2), 9:22.30: “So far it’s been a good day for us. Another real stage to go and we have to manage it well to make it a good start for us, with a good position for tomorrow” – S. Ogier.
Special Stage 8 (V-Power Shell Stage 1), 1:39.00.
Special Stage 13 (Guanajuatito 2), 17:33.60: “I had a very clean drive, I’m happy with this stage. The car is feeling good, so far so good!” – S. Ogier.
Special Stage 21 (La Minas Power Stage (Live TV)), 6:30.40.

S. Ogier/J. Ingrassia finished with an overall time of 3:37:08.00. S. Ogier said: “Mexico has always been a special place since the beginning and I’m so glad it’s continuing this way! It’s been a tough weekend, with very difficult condition. Not a trouble-free rally for us but we managed to come out with maximum points so it’s perfect!”. This was S. Ogier and J. Ingrassia’s 46th rally wins.

S. Ogier/J. Ingrassia’s Mexico win earned them 25 points, with an extra 5 points won for winning the power stage, Las Minas 2, with a time of 6:30.4. This is a total of 30 points, the maximum. Overall, their current championship points are 61, which maintains their No. 2 position.

The championship leaders continue to be O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja. Their stage wins were:

Special Stage 7 (Las Minas), 6:43.4: “Altogether a smooth day with no mistakes. In the end a good feeling in the car and I enjoyed it. It’ll be a better day tomorrow if we get a better road position.” – O. Tanak
Special Stage 9 (V-Power Shell Stage 2), 1:38.3
Special Stage 14 (Otates 2), 24:25.2: “I do as well as possible but the stage is so slow that it is hard to make a big difference. In the morning the car felt better.” – O. Tanak
Special Stage 15 (El Brinco 2), 4:36.6: “Just in the stage there is a soft part and this was probably the place where I lost my rear bumper.”
Special Stage 19 (Alfaro), 13:52.6: “We can build a bit with the tyres, this was the worst stage of the morning with the tyres as it is quite loose. The next stages are better.”
Special Stage 20 (Mesa Cuata), 19:18.8

O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja finished with an overall time of 3:37:38.02. O. Tanak said: “What a weekend it was! But WE DID IT!”.

As rally runners-up, O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja won 18 points. This increases their championship points to 65, which maintains their lead.


Final rally standings:

1. S. Ogier/J. Ingrassia, 3:37:08.00

2. O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja, 3:37:38.02

Current championship standings:

1. O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja, 65 points

2. S. Ogier/J. Ingrassia, 61 points


The next stage of 2019’s WRC will be hosted by France from 28th – 31st March. S. Ogier has won 2 rallies in France, and intends to win the upcoming running, saying “for me the sequel is in 2 weeks at Tour de Course

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