Twenty-Nineteen and a Nice Job Badge.

The site has now been upgraded to the Twenty-Nineteen theme, having previously been using the obsolete Twenty-Sixteen theme for three years. This came about after I initially added a nice job badge bestowed upon me by Matthew // Normal Happenings.


As you can see, the commendation was awarded due to my participation in The Games That Define Us and Tracking Shells: Our Mario Kart Memories.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Published by Alexander Sigsworth

Writing about Herobrine in The Characters That Define Us at Normal Happenings. Profile photo chosen for Gamers Blog Party: Summer 2019 at Later Levels. Known as the Purple Prose Mage at the Well-Red Mage.

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  1. Obsolete? I laugh in the face of obsolete with my Twenty Fourteen theme!

    In all seriousness, I’m yet to find another theme that does all the things Twenty Fourteen does quite as well as Twenty Fourteen does. I’ve considered having a theme revamp on several occasions, but I haven’t found something that does a better job than ol’ faithful yet. So here we (still) are!

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