The 4th round of 2019’s World Rally Championship was hosted by France from 28th – 31st March. The winning drivers were T. Neuville and N. Gilsoul. The rally was run on the island of Corsica, which – as a single territorial collectivity – is both a region and a department at the same time.

T. Neuville and N. Gilsoul’s winning stages:
SS6 (Alta-Rocca 2), 10:02.3: “It was ok. I felt good in the car but I’m missing a little bit of grip to go faster. In some corners I’m missing a bit of confidence to go faster even if we already have a big attack.” – T. Neuville
SS11 (Desert des Agriates 2), 7:57.6.
SS12 (Castagniccia 2), 29:24.4: “I tried! Obviously we don’t want to make a mistake for both championship but I had a very good feeling with the car so I was able to attack. A good stage!”

T. Neuville/N. Gilsoul finished with an overall time of 3:22:59. T. Neuville said: “It’s never over until it’s over! FANTASTIC VICTORY here in Tour de Corse ! It was a great battle with Elfyn Evans and Scott Martin and I feel sorry for them.” This was T. Neuville’s and N. Gilsoul’s 10th rally wins.

T. Neuville/N. Gilsoul’s France win earned them 25 points, with an extra 2 points won for placing 4th on the power stage, Calvi. This is a total of 27 points. Overall, their current championship points are 82, which brings them into the championship lead, overtaking previous leaders O. Tanak and M. Jarveoja.

Final rally standings:

1. T. Neuville/N. Gilsoul, 3:22:59.0

2. S. Ogier/J. Ingrrassia, 3:23:39.3

6. O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja, 3:24:39.0

Current championship standings:

1. T. Neuville/N. Gilsoul, 82 points

2. S. Ogier/J. Ingrassia, 80 points

3. O. Tanak/M. Jarveoja, 77 points


The next stage of 2019’s WRC will be hosted by Argentina from 25th – 28th April. The favourite to win is 8-time champion S. Loeb.

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