Film Journal: “The Interrogation of Tony Martin”

Director: David Nath
Date released: 18th November 2018
Written by: David Nath
Genre: Memoir
Starring: Stuart Graham, Daniel Mays

Based on the tape recordings from the real interrogation of Tony Martin, the farmer who was jailed for killing an intruder. It is a three-way piece of theatre with occasional interludes bringing the audience up-to-date on events occurring during the jumps in time. If the dialogue hasn’t been invented or altered (and who can say apart from the writer whether it has been?) then it is obvious why it is already a compelling drama all on its own. The two interrogating Offices form with Martin a dramaturgical triad; the two of them applying the pressure on him and Martin holding his ground (no surprise then that Pemberton gives the best performance of a man backed into a corner) but I can’t help feeling that this shouldn’t have been produced for television – or, for that matter, any medium that uses visuals. Surely the giveaway glances which reveal characters’ ulterior motives must have been artistically licensed? I found myself processing it all with a bias against the oppressing system. Is that really what this story was about? On radio, this could’ve made for for a fascinating and complex legal case.

Memorable quote:

That’s just the way it is, boy.

Rating: 3/5

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