Announcing: Blogovision 2019! — Shoot the Rookie

Good afternoon, evening, morning or [no time zone specified], dearest readers! I, Jon Ola Sand Pix1001, am delighted to be here today in my role as Executive Co-Supervisor of The Video-Games Broadcasting Union™ to announce their most flamboyant and extravagant event to date: Blogovision!

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Blogovision 2019: OG Lok contestant EPK

OG Loc’s story is an incredible one. He grew up on Los Santos’ infamous Grove Street neighbourhood, which made his early life as a criminal inevitable. Having always been surrounded by gangs, Loc quickly became a part of LS’ unemployed working classes whose only means of expression were revenge killings and grand theft auto.

But Loc knew this isn’t what he really wanted from life. His dream was to be a hip hop artist, like his hero Madd Dogg. His criminal peers didn’t take his ambition seriously, and frequently ostracised him for it.

With no means of breaking out of his environment, Loc was eventually jailed. While in prison, he was raped by another inmate and was regularly the victim of violence after a rumour was spread that he was a homosexual. But Loc endured, and writing hip hop lyrics became his escape. This soon paid off, and Loc established a reputation for himself as a hip hop artist amongst his fellow prisoners.

After being released from prison, few companies would employ him and the only job he was able to get was working as a cleaner in a Burger Joint. He didn’t enjoy the job, but he kept at it, and had soon saved up enough of his pay to buy a music van. At night, he’d record his hip hop singles and would demo them at beach parties and house parties. His friend Carl Johnson, Loc’s lifelong friend and neighbour, volunteered to manage him.

The response wasn’t very positive and Loc came to be considered the worst hip hop artist on the west coast. But he was determined to prove them wrong. While his talent wasn’t yet perfectly honed, Blastin’ Fools Records saw an untapped enthusiasm and were prepared to give him a chance. After signing with them, Loc released his first album, Str8 From the Streets, featuring such iconic tracks as “Hard in the Yard”, “4 to a Cell”, “Iz U Packin?”, “Loc is the Name”, “Don’t U Know I’m Loc, Oh Man” and the demo “It’s Loc Baby”. This was followed by the single OriGinal. These songs were inspired by his experiences in prison and growing up in a street gang and provided him with the alternative, artistic outlet he’d always needed.

But Loc’s troubles still aren’t over. Johnson released Loc from his contract and began to instead manage Madd Dogg, after he accused Loc of plagiarising lyrics from his unrecorded singles. This accusation also caused Blastin’ Fools to denounce him. Loc was heartbroken to be betrayed by his friend, unjustly fired by his label and accused of stealing lyrics by his lifelong hero. He maintains that Johnson in fact co-wrote those lyrics with him and agreed to forgo credit. But he picked up the pieces and forged ahead.

Str8 From the Streets sold over 500, 000 copies and is now certified gold. Loc now represents the Base 5 clothing brand and has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame. He considers his success to have proven his friends-turned-enemies wrong, and wants the multiverse to know that his story proves that dreams can come true.

Since his unexpected success, Loc has released no more music but has chosen this event to revive his career. When asked how he’d feel about the prospect of dancing on the programme, Loc said: “I ain’t down with that shit, it ain’t gangsta!” Critics have described his music as “a whole new style of hip hop, fusing dancehall reggae, nursery rhymes and straight gangsta into a str8 bundle of energy and hatred”.

From Grand Theft Auto’s 3D Universe,

OG Loc:

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