Director: Alan Sim
Date released: 2012
Written by: Peter Kay
Genre: Documentary
Main actors: Peter Kay

Peter Kay  Live & Back on Nights follows a man who just wants to make people laugh. It brings many of the things one can expect from a tour documentary – the genius of the artist, technical aspects of the show and backstage shenanigans but Kay makes the creative decision to blur the line between the show and the documentary following its making by commandeering a camera and filming the audience. Now he is no longer an observational comedian being followed by a camera crew but an observational comedian being followed by a camera crew and deconstructing that context in order to comedically observe the way in which he’s doing so. It sounds simpler than I’m making it and the artistic nature of it isn’t even apparent during the midst of it. Kay doesn’t see the point of not showing his own camera crew even if the camera crew were intending to observe him simply observing everything else but not them. Only now that I’m analysing and over-explaining it have I somewhat sucked the comedy out of it. But that’s why he’s the one being filmed by a professional documentary crew on the follow-up to the biggest comedy tour of all time (statistically) and I’m not.


Rating 3.5/5

Memorable quote:

“This could take a good hour, this, but we’ll get there eventually.”
Peter Kay

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