Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars Round One Match Schedule — Adventure Rules

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via Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars Round One Match Schedule — Adventure Rules

This is my half of Wacky Wedding, a round one match of Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars. I’m representing Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth née Bachelor from The Sims. My opponent in this match is Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie, who’s representing Itsuki Aoi and Yashiro Tsurugi from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Event description:

You have been cordially invited to a wedding as the plus one for your Ship. It’s supposed to be a fun trip where everyone gets to see each other after a long time apart; instead, things go wild when a freak storm threatens to tear up the venue! Everyone looks to you to save the wedding – wait, why you? You don’t even know the “lucky” couple? Turns out the whole wedding party, including your Ship, is too busy getting ready to tackle the problem. Tell us how you bring the wedding back from the brink!

Governor’s son saves day when nuptials go wrong
By Victoria Andrews

At a wedding in Central Park last Sunday, a weather-related disaster was averted by an unlikely hero.

Elementary school student Mortimer Goth – son of regional Governor Gunther Goth and wife Cornelia (both adults of 13 Skyborough Blvd) – came to the aid of traffic cop Hank Goddard and Pauline Wan (both young adults of 1 Sun Song Ave.) when a lightning storm threatened to ruin their big day.

Mr Goddard and Ms Wan moved into Sunset Valley together during their engagement. It was during this time that Gov. Goth – then-Chief Executive Officer of Doo Peas Corporation – accepted a personal invitation from Vice President Nancy Landgraab to fill the office of regional Governor.

Mr Goth (who is also an honour roll student) came to be a guest at the wedding when invited as a plus one by his classmate, Bella Bachelor, who was attending due to her father, professional blogger Simis Bachelor (adult of 12 Sim Lane), being invited in order to cover the event.

But one thing the happy couple hadn’t counted-on was a freak storm which moved into the Valley shortly after the wedding got underway. The party didn’t suspect any danger at first as the storm was classified as distant but when it was reclassified as being nearby there wasn’t enough time to get indoors before the storm was reclassified again as local.

Eventually, the inevitable happened and a bolt of lightning struck one of the guests. Ms Bachelor’s injuries were non-fatal but her clothes were singed and her dignity was well and truly damaged.

To make matters worse, many guests had come down with nausea induced by food poisoning and were queuing up by the public toilet cubicles to vomit. Not only that, but the rain had dried the barbecue grills and rendered the food uneatable.

But more than anything, Mr Goddard and Ms Wan had not yet been declared husband and wife.

The chaos ensued and, for a moment, it seemed that the wedding was ruined – until Mr Goddard and Ms Wan looked to the young Mr Goth for help. His family’s manor, just up the hill from Pleasant Rest Graveyard, is enough to house a large party of guests without overcrowding. As far as Mr Goddard and Ms Wan were concerned, it was the perfect solution.

As the guests were returning home to dry out, Mr Goth formed a group with Mr Goddard and Ms Wan and invited them home. However, as the bride and bridegroom arrived at the Goth home, they found that its owners were absent. Unfortunately, this was the same night that Gov. Goth and Mrs Goth dined out at the Little Corsican Bistro (as our paparazzo covered in our special supplemental magazine, Oh my Goth!).

With no one to help, Mr Goth found himself in charge of the situation. Luckily, Mr Goth is quite capable and independent for his life stage and was able to coordinate an emergency second wedding plan.

After showing Mr Goddard and Ms Wan to the Goth home’s multiple bathrooms for them to get ready again, Mr Goth phoned all the guests in their book in order to inform them of the new wedding and quickly invite them around with a formal dress code and merely two hours notice. With all the guests informed and on their way, Mr Goth then served burgers and hot dogs, that Gov. and Mrs Goth had prepared earlier, from the fridge and around the downstairs living areas. For good measure, Mr Goth also ordered pizza just in case, knowing that his family’s budget could easily cover it.

Not being one to deceive his parents, Mr Goth also phoned Gov. and Mrs Goth to inform them of the new state of affairs. But there was one thing Gov. and Mrs Goth weren’t told – because it was something Mr Goth didn’t know either. During the storm, lightning had struck the Goths’ private family graveyard, prompting the ghosts that are known to haunt the property to awaken during the day and proceed to walk around the house. Mr Goth’s grandparents – Victor and Gretle Goth and Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom – and distant relative Lolita Goth, who was herself killed in a lightning strike not dissimilar from the one which almost killed Ms Bachelor, inadvertently became five extra guests for the ceremony they suddenly discovered their usual haunting ground to be now holding. Mr Goddard and Ms Wan received a great fright after first seeing them but soon calmed when the apparitions indicated their benevolence. Plus, the ghosts didn’t need to eat, which meant no more food needed to be supplied.

The guests showed up on time and Gov. and Mrs Goth also returned home to congratulate Mr and Mrs Wan on their wedding, which went ahead without a hitch – though the guests were a little bit spooked by the five ghosts present. Ms Bachelor was present also and there are rumours that she and Mr Goth confessed their love for each other. Mr and Mrs Wan are now living happily together, the ghosts of the Goth house have returned to their nocturnal routine and Mr Goth is a local hero of the town.

Official records of the wedding party can be viewed in Sunset Valley Town Hall.

Match results will be revealed this Friday, 23rd August at 14:00 BST.

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