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  • Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa — motion picture review

    Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa — motion picture review

    So many television series adaptations are disappointing. The first to break the mould was Holiday on the Buses, in-which the characters all go on holiday together and it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual On the Buses. Other examples include Sex and the City, and Postman Pat: the Movie, in-which Pat isn’t a postman, isn’t in the original setting of the show, doesn’t wear his trademark glasses and fights a robot army.

  • Screenwriters’ Dispatch: Sean Ellis and Anthony Frewin’s Anthropod

    Sean Ellis and Anthony Frewin have written WWII drama Arthropod, the name of an operation using Czechoslovakian soldiers trained by the British Army to assassinate General Reinhard Heydrich, who lead Nazi forces into the country. The Wrap reports Marc Guggenheim‘s written an adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, titled Uprising, chronicling a civil war against Earth from a Lunar […]