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  • Space Quest

    Space Quest

    Space Quest Written by Bertie Gilbert Two reviews of Space Quest on Letterboxd describe it as a piss take of Star Wars/Star Trek and the hype over their next films, the most anticipated of these being Star Wars: the Force Awakens (J. J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan), which Abrams has directed. And he deserves it. Looking back at Abrams’s […]

  • Blue Sushi — single drama review

    Blue Sushi — single drama review

    Blue Sushi isn’t about being transgender.

  • Killed the Cat — review

    Killed the Cat — review

    With Killed the Cat, I can now tell you that Bertie Gilbert is potentially the lovechild of Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. And that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you only need to follow Gilbert’s tumblr. to see how much he loves Anderson. And, like Allen, Killed the Cat attempts to answer some of life’s big questions with comedy.

  • Cosmic Divide — review

    Cosmic Divide — review

    As a screenwriter, I care about narrative. Because narrative is everything. On the first day of Film Studies, I learnt that narrative is the manipulation of time and space to tell a story. Which is where we get Bertie Gilbert’s Cosmic Divide, a motion picture I should have seen by now.