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  • Screenwriter’s Dispatch: James Gunn’s The Belco Experiment

    On his Facebook page, James Gunn announced his new project, The Belco Experiment. South America’s The Belco Company is sealed-off and the employees told to kill each other or be killed themselves, leading to an escalation of violence revealing truths about The Belco Company’s employees. Gunn said It’s a script I wrote a few years ago, for […]

  • Arrow: Uprising — review

    Arrow: Uprising — review

    Screenplay by Beth Schwartz and Brian Ford Sullivan. If this episode did anything for Arrow, it was to add to the overnumerous take-offs of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Ever since those features revolutionised how the public view comic book adaptations, everything’s been at least somewhat inspired by it. Some too much, some not enough. Arrow‘s strange case is that […]