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  • (Video) Interstellar: How a Screenwriter and a Physicist Teamed Up to Write a Blockbuster

    My god, I love this. Interstellar’s Jonathan Nolan (which he co-wrote with Christopher Nolan) explains the process of working with a physicist on a science-fiction screenplay. If Han Zimmer’s score, Matthew McConaughey’s voice, and Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography doesn’t inspire you to make good art, then clearly I can’t help you.

  • Kick-Ass — single drama review

    Kick-Ass — single drama review

    I don’t think if I’ve ever felt more deceived watching a motion picture than I did by the end of Kick-Ass. Which is a shame, because the first half of Kick-Ass is a delightful film. Not a great film, no. But it’s still a good time. We begin with David Lezewski in an almost self-aware teen film that’s so clichéd it’s actually pretty impressive. But it does so to establish the world of Kick-Ass, even if there’s a bit too much narration.

  • Feature film’s future

    Feature film’s future

    Recently, a lot of debate’s arisen over the state of modern cinema and whether it can provide the kind of quality people are prepared to pay for and sit in an auditorium with other people.

  • Screenwriter’s Dispatch: James Gunn’s The Belco Experiment

    On his Facebook page, James Gunn announced his new project, The Belco Experiment. South America’s The Belco Company is sealed-off and the employees told to kill each other or be killed themselves, leading to an escalation of violence revealing truths about The Belco Company’s employees. Gunn said It’s a script I wrote a few years ago, for […]