(Video) Advice for New Screenwriters

Script Mailer interviewed numerous screenwriters, who gave their advice to new screenwriters. Those interviewed were:

  • Reality Show‘s Adam Rifkin
  • Hound Dog‘s Ron Shelton
  • Akeelah and the Bee‘s Doug Atchison
  • Frankenweenie‘s John August
  • Enemies Closer‘s Peter Hyams
  • Callr‘s Joe Forte
  • Masters of Horror – Chocolate‘s Mick Garris
  • Wolves David Hayter
  • Ready Player One‘s Zak Penn
  • The Soul Man – Home Boyce‘s Kriss Turner
  • Sanjay and Craig‘s Joe Stillman
  • Secret in their Eyes‘ Billy Ray
  • Beyond the Reach‘s Stephen Susco
  • Castle – Hollander Woods Andrew W. Marlowe
  • Oliver Kitteride – Security‘s Jane Anderson
  • Surrogate‘s John Brancato
  • Once Chance‘s Justin Zackham
  • Ghost‘s Bruce Joel Rubin