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  • Star Trek Beyond trailer #3

    Star Trek Beyond trailer #3

    Paramount Pictures have released the third trailer to Star Trek Beyond: The trailer features the song Sledgehammer by Rihanna, which was released on iTunes coinciding with the release of this trailer. Star Trek Beyond is the first film featuring Anton Yelchin (who portrays Ens. Pavel Chekov) to be released after his death earlier this month. Star Trek Beyond is […]

  • Screenwriters’ Dispatch: Sean Ellis and Anthony Frewin’s Anthropod

    Sean Ellis and Anthony Frewin have written WWII drama Arthropod, the name of an operation using Czechoslovakian soldiers trained by the British Army to assassinate General Reinhard Heydrich, who lead Nazi forces into the country. The Wrap reports Marc Guggenheim‘s written an adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, titled Uprising, chronicling a civil war against Earth from a Lunar […]

  • Hot Fuzz — review

    Hot Fuzz — review

    Hot Fuzz is a nice change from the kind of action trends apparent in the Hollywood motion picture industry. Because the United States is the cinematic capital country of the world, most actions include American versions of the police force. Now I don’t know how exaggerated they are, but World’s Scariest Police Chases make them seem accurate. Which makes the main thing to like about Hot Fuzz the way it combines those cliches with British policing. We don’t have Ford Crown Victorias, we have Vauxhall Astras. We don’t have gun-wielding officers, we have special divisions for that. And our uniforms are less subtle. Plus, we take a completely different approach, with community cohesion being considered more important than actually preventing crime. This clearly occurred to Wright and Pegg, who decided to make a statement about this by inserting American action cliches into a British environment, and created the town of Sandford, inspired by the real fake village used for training. It’s probably the most English place there is, because everyone’s white. And given what we later learn about Sandford, it seems that the Neighbourhood Watch Association has a racial motivation, along with everything else.