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  • Ultimate Spider-Man: the Howling Commandos

    Ultimate Spider-Man: the Howling Commandos

    Adapted screenplay by Man of Action, Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt. Part of my problem with part one of this two-parter, Ultimate Spider-Man: Blade, is that took itself too seriously. There’s a reason Brooks (Blade) isn’t a part of the modern superhero trend, and it’s because he just doesn’t fit its style right now. When things have gotten a bit […]

  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Blade — review

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Blade — review

    Screenplay by Man of Action, Kevin Burk and Chris Wyatt. With the announcement that Spider-Man’s to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one theory suggests secondary characters can be trialled for spin-offs by being paired with Spider-Man for introductory purposes. This is a good idea. As the most popular Marvel character, Spider-Man gets the highest ratings, views, gross and numbers. […]

  • Avengers Assemble: Molecule Kid — review

    Avengers Assemble: Molecule Kid — review

    The Avengers has one of the largest followings in the world. And just like everything else with an Internet following, at some point it gets a television show. The good thing about the Avengers is that the core of it is the comic book series, from which the features are adapted. Marvel Entertainment can handle their properties, and Avengers Assemble resembles their cinematic universe without being a part of it. Another advantage of the series having half-hour episodes is that, unlike team-ups as we’re used to, standalone episodes can focus on specific characters each week if the writers wish.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man: the Parent Trap — review

    Ultimate Spider-Man: the Parent Trap — review

    Screenplay by Man of Action and Kaita Mpambara. Of course, the word “parent” regarding Spider-Man immediately conjures the image of dead ones. Peter Parker maybe the second most famous superhero orphan, after Bruce Wayne, though there are others. In fact, dead parents are so common amongst superheroes that it was even included in The Hero Movie. Which is a big problem with […]

  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Bomb review

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Bomb review

    With Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Bomb, I was able to go through the joy of discovering another great TV show. One of those moments where you know you’ll be watching the rest. The UK gets it on Disney XD HD, so I’m probably quite behind, and I’m not even starting at the beginning, but I don’t care, because the thing about Ultimate Spider-Man is that you’re able to join at any time. Even when the show’s in the middle of something important, it doesn’t swamp itself with too much plot, making it perfectly okay to join, while also still having enough of a story to be entertaining.