BBC features – Friday 16th to Sunday 18th Janauary 2015

Saturday 17th

06:40 Skyrunners (Richard C. Okie/Adam Wilson/Melanie Wilson)

Sci-fi adventure about two brothers who discover a crashed UFO and decide to take it home. When younger brother Nick takes a trip into space, he discovers upon his return that he now has superhuman powers, turning his life upside down.

08:10 Henry VIII and his Six Wives (Ian Thorne)

Historical drama. On his deathbed, King Henry VIII recalls how he wooed and wed his six wives – and disposed of five of them – in a bid to secure the succession to the throne with a male heir. Despite his manymarriages and the crowded court, Henry remains essentially lonely. Adapted from the successful BBC TV series, with Keith Michell reprising his award-winning role.

13:35 The Wind and the Lion (John Milius)

Action drama about the kidnapping of an American widow and her children in Tangier in 1904, loosely based on fact. Recently elected president Roosevelt prepares to send in the marines, but in the interim Germany seeks to exploit the situation by landing troops in North Africa. Against this backdrop of power politics, a relationship develops between the woman and her abductor.

21:00 Armageddon (Jonathan Hensleigh/Tony Gilroy/Shane Salerno/Robert Roy Pool)

Sci-fi thriller in which the American government discovers that it has just 18 days to save the world from an approaching asteroid.

Undeterred by the threat of extinction, a brave though motley crew of oil drillers sets out to intercept the object and plant nuclear devices in its core.

22:30 All Good Things (Marcus Hinchey/Marc Smerling)

Tense crime drama tracing the mysterious and troubled relationship of a New York couple.

Sunday 18th

01:10 Phantoms (Dean R. Koontz)

Suspenseful thriller in which two sisters return to their Colorado home town only to find that the whole population has been wiped out by a mysterious force. Teaming up with the sheriff, his lecherous deputy and an ex-FBI agent, they are then terrorised by a supernatural power responsible for mass human disappearances throughout history.

16:10 Shrek the Third (Jeffrey Price/Peter S Seaman/William Steig/Jon Zack)

Second sequel in the popular animated fantasy franchise. Newlyweds Shrek and Fiona face their first marital hurdle when the sudden death of King Harold means Shrek himself is next in line. However, with fatherhood looming, Shrek is reluctant. He decides to try and find the true heir – Fiona’s errant, rebellious cousin. But while Shrek and his faithful companions Donkey and Puss in Boots go off in search of the heir, handsome rogue Prince Charming stages a coup at the castle.

23:00 Last Orders (Fred Schepisi/Graham Swift)

A group of lifelong friends gather together after the death of one of their number, a London butcher. The remaining buddies embark on a trip to scatter his ashes off the pier in Margate – the place where he wished to retire – and as the journey progresses they each reflect on the impact their deceased friend had on their lives.