Film Journal: What we did on our Holiday

Director: Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Date released: 26th September 2014
Written by: Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Rosamund Pike and David Tennant

What we did on our Holiday walks a fine line between being funny, stupid, and a bit macabre. The reason it works is because Hamilton and Jenkin allow the actors to be authentic because with that comes emotional truth. There are certain moments that risk straying into melodrama but they’re saved by the characters’ charm and idiosyncrasies. It’s tonally inconsistent in certain places, but I found myself enjoying being with the people in the story because they were portrayed honestly. The Billy Connolly character is the centre of the plot because his aged wisdom and sincerity with his self-deprecating jokes and willingness to laugh at himself made him the most empathetic figure; someone who’s seen it all and done it all and as a result, wishes the world would stop taking itself so seriously. It was easy to be on his side and the way that he inspired his grandchildren one last time before leaving them also makes it easy to accept that he’d have definitely enjoyed the send off he received – and the hysterical shock and horror from everyone else in response to it just goes to show that, in the end, he was right after all.

Memorable scene:

Memorable quote:

You’re such a crap actor.

Rating: 3/5