“This Game Wins The Title: TWRM GOTY 2018!” — The Well-Red Mage

Since January 1st, 2019, we’ve been writing about our favorite picks for 2018’s Game of the Year, but now it’s time to let the curtain fall.

via “This Game Wins The Title: TWRM GOTY 2018!” — The Well-Red Mage

The Well-Red Mage has now closed its poll for Game of the Year 2018, revealing that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received the most votes. I congratulate the Valiant Vision Mage on running such a successful campaign; it’s not easy to convince the most people to support your argument over 14 others. And because there were 14 other candidates, it was inevitable that none of them would receive the majority of votes. But that’s a good thing – these results have revealed that the readers of the Well-Red Mage continue to represent the diversity of opinion that always proves prosperous to the intentions behind this community.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy may not have come first. But many have been surprised by its performance. While it hasn’t been voted Game of the Year, this result is still a good thing for the Spyro games by showing that a remaster of its original trilogy can remain so popular 20 years after it began.

This vote hasn’t had the best possible result, but has still yielded a good one.


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“TWRM GOTY 2018” – Voting Day! — The Well-Red Mage

Today’s the day! Voting day is here!

via “TWRM GOTY 2018” – Voting Day! — The Well-Red Mage

There’s just under 16 hours left to vote for which of the TWRM GOTY 2018 Collab’s campaign articles have been the most successful. One final reminder of why my campaign for Spyro Reignited Trilogy is the most worthy of your votes: