Brotherly Sunshine – A Response to Awards from Neko Jonez and Moe Gamer — Adventure Rules

I was nominated for a couple of blogging awards- here are my responses to their questions!

via Brotherly Sunshine – A Response to Awards from Neko Jonez and Moe Gamer — Adventure Rules

Yesterday, I answered the questions set to me by Pix1001 of Shoot the Rookie when she nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Today, I’ll be the answering the second set of questions put to me by Robert Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules when he did the same. Just as before, I’ll be nominating 11 more nominees, with my own questions for them.

  1. How would you pitch your content to someone who might be reading it for the first time right now?
    Most of the time it’s about video games – often driving games – but sometimes about the Marvel Cinematic Universe if I need to fill space (because I’m not ashamed of doing that).
  2. Do you prefer beginnings or endings?
    Endings, definitely. I’ve started every video game I’ve played but reached the ending much less often. Like any good story, the ending is the most important part.
  3. What video game or series do you not like, but wish you did?
    The only games I tend to play are titles that I can already tell I’ll like but if I ever wanted to branch out, I’d start playing Final Fantasy. I only “don’t like it” in the sense that I haven’t played it, which is as close to an answer as I can get to this question.
  4. If you could choose a character type to be in any game world (e.g. an RPG class), what would you be?
    The getaway driver. The actual job I’ll leave to the others, because I’m not good at confrontations, but nobody’s better at getting them out of a tight spot than me (so long as I get my cut).
  5. Have you ever stopped having a crush on a character you used to? What changed?
    No, I’m still a sexually repressed creep.
  6. If you could revive a fallen franchise, which series would you choose?
    I’m currently in the final stages of editing a documentary about the Driver series and why it deserves to be brought back.
  7. If you had to stop being human but could choose a video game race to become, what would you choose?
    Night elf from Warcraft. I mean, come on! They’re so sexy!
  8. If you could port all of the console exclusives off of one of the big three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) and put them onto another console, which ones would you choose?
    All the Xbox exclusives onto PlayStation. There’s such little difference between them apart from corporate ownership anyway, and I’ve little interest in Nintendo products.
  9. Which universe from another medium (film, comics, etc) do you want as a well-executed video game?
    The plot of Avengers: Infinity War as a fighting game. Think about it…
  10. What magical item or technological marvel from a video game would you use for completely selfish purposes in real life?
    The P-JAK Multi-Tool from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can hack basically any computer device, which means, applied with appropriate intelligence, I could use it to bring the world to its knees or become a modern Robin Hood.
  11. What video game quote do you bust out in normal life most often?
    “Why hasn’t someone sensible shot you yet?”
    Trevor Philips, 
    Grand Theft Auto V

I nominate:

  1. Bandicoot Warrior at Bandicoot Warrior Blog
  2. ClanGeek at ClanGeek
  3. Mr. Panda at Mr Panda 2002
  4. Jay Borenstein, the Spoony Bard Mage at Nerd Speaker
  5. Sublime Reviews, the Midnight Mystic Mage at Sublime Reviews
  6. the Well-Red Mage at the Well-Red Mage
  7. Geekritique at Geekritique
  8. HideNGoShauna at HideNGoShauna
  9. Dan Hastings at Nerd Burglars
  10. GG at hungrygoriya
  11. Recreational Hobbyist at Recreational Hobbyist

And my questions:

  1. What’s the silliest mistake you’ve made in a game?
  2. Which game are you good at that you most want people to see you playing?
  3. What’s the best 10 minutes you’ve spent playing a game?
  4. Do you have a favourite Let’s Play video?
  5. Is there a video game that’s changed your life?
  6. What’s the most passionate yet unimportant opinion you have about gaming or a particular game?
  7. Which video game character would represent your life as a gamer in spirit form?
  8. What game have you been wanting to start for a long time but still haven’t?
  9. How would you design the flag representing the online gaming community?
  10. Which game was the most different to your expectations of it?
  11. Has any game influenced the way you see the world?

Remember to link back here if you take part.

4 responses to “Brotherly Sunshine – A Response to Awards from Neko Jonez and Moe Gamer — Adventure Rules”

  1. The getaway driver is a cool choice for your gaming archetype! Not one you hear too often, so it’s a nice change of pace. Thanks for answering all the questions!

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